Instructions – Make a Box

There is no one way to make these, but this is the way that is easiest for me. Note:  If you are doing a blank box and want to stain it, do it BEFORE you glue it together.  If you are painting, it can be done after.  You can lightly sand the pieces before you stain or glue if you wish.

Chest Kit Pieces

Chest Kit Pieces

  • Lay out the chest with the bottom, 2 long sides and 2 short sides as shown above.  NOTE:  There might be 2 lids in your kit.  If this is a carved box, it’s because I want you to have a choice which lid you use.  If this is a blank box for you to decorate, the extra lid gives you a piece to experiment with or to redo if you make a mistake on something you’re working on.
  • Use your favorite craft glue (white or wood).  I like to squeeze some out in a line.
  • Holding the base,  dip the ‘teeth’ of the interlock just barely into the glue line. Just slide the small teeth into each other and it will fit together and even if the glue isn’t dry, as long as you don’t push or pull it, it will stay together.
  • Now, if you turn the box so you are holding the bottom and the side you’ve just glued, you can glue the other long side of the bottom piece and slide on the matching long side.
  • At this point you should be able to lightly hold the bottom and 2 side pieces and dip the end interlock (the bottom and 2 sides) into the glue. If the sides wiggle on you, don’t worry, they will firm up just fine when you add on the end pieces. Take the end piece and just work the interlocks together until everything fits, you can tell by feel when you have it all in place.
  • Reverse the box, glue the end interlock and slide in the 2nd end piece being sure all the interlocks are secure. The box will feel firm to you now. Slide your liner piece into the box interior. You can use a dab of glue if you wish, but it is not necessary under most circumstances. You can wipe away any excess glue at this point.


Hooray!!! You’re done! Now wasn’t that eazy-peazy?!?



Enjoy.. Ellen

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