Newfie Olympics

Yesterday, the weather was warm enough we started working in the yard prepping for spring. The dogs were in and out of the house and in and out of the garden while we were working. Finally when they decided they had done enough ‘supervising’ what we were doing and were convinced that there wasn’t any food involved, they settled down to their normal ‘rug dog thing’.

Our newfs are considered to be ‘giant’ sized dogs. Ours weigh between 120 and 140 lbs.  So when they stretch out on the floor there is a lot to step over or around.

It’s great fun when you have 3 of them laid out in the kitchen floor while you are trying to cook dinner. They act like they are just in there to be with you, but I know that they know that food is involved and they are hoping (they are ‘ever hopeful’) that some of the food will find its way to them. You get to step over and around them to try to get to or do whatever it is that you are working on.

Rebel in kitchen

Rebel in kitchen

Having them asleep on the floor is really only a problem in the late afternoon with the lights off and it’s ‘darkish’ in the house or in the middle of the night when it’s pitch black. Then it is totally possible, in fact quite likely that someone (I won’t admit that I’d done it…but I have) will trip over a dog in the night and go splat on the floor.  I’ve even done it holding a can of soda and didn’t spill it.

As you can see Rebel in the kitchen was being very attentive, while lying totally relaxed on the floor, just in case I decided to find some food for her.

A lot of times when I take pics of the ‘furkids’, they are so dark that you don’t get to see their sweet faces.  Yesterday, I hit 3 for 3 jackpots!  So, proud doggie mamma that I am, here they are.


Bucca in the grass

I hadn’t realized that Bucca must have been sniffing the fresh dirt from the garden as his muzzle is all dirty.

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