“Make A Box” Contest Time – March 2009 (extended from February)- Rules!!

Many of you already have made some of my box kits (1″ x .5″ x .3″) in the past and you may have a few on hand. If so, you get to start a bit ahead of the game. No purchase necessary: If you don’t have any of my kits hidden away in your UFK (unfinished kit drawer), you are welcome to purchase kits from my store or from me directly. If you send me a stamped-selfaddressed return envelope (preferably a padded envelope), I’ll be happy to send you a free kit to start on.

I have included a couple of pictures made by a talented artisan named Terre. These are not entries in the contest, but yes, Terre can enter with new chests if she wishes. This is probably the first of many contests, I hope you like it.


Terre's Box


  1. The contest runs between now and 11:59pm, March 22, 2009.
  2. You need to make up one of my blank chest kits. You can use either the 1″ blank chest kit (interlocked or not, 1″ or one of the .5″ half chest kits”).
  3. You may use any of my blank chest kits you happen to have on hand. If you only have one of the ‘carved’ kits on hand and would like to use it, you may.
    1. Any media is acceptable, you are free to use your imagination. Stain, paint, decals, glitter, sprinkles, clay, findings, etc. Bashing is also acceptable.
    2. Chests may be lined or filled (mini examples: gloves, jewelry, cigars, treasure, etc.) or not, your choice.
  4. Chest kits are available either from my Miniature Shop at $2.50 for a single blank chest or 10 kits for $10 (bulk pricing).
  5. FREE KITS AVAILABLE – If you would like to receive a free chest kit (1″ interlocked kit), you may send me an envelope included a stamped-selfaddressed return envelope (preferably a padded envelope) to Ellen Crane Miniature Shop, 48 Bay Loop, Dardanelle, AR 72834.
  6. Entries will be in the form of a photo of a chest kit personally made by you.
  7. Photos should be emailed to me at with February Chest Contest in the subject line, no later than 11:59pm, March 22, 2009. Include your name, email address and any title or description you would like to include about your chest.
  8. Entry photos will be placed on the website and voted on by my readers.
  9. 1st Prize – $25 gift certificate to Ellen Crane Creations
  10. 2nd Prize – a 2″ “Secret’s” Celtic Box
  11. Prize Winner to be announced on Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  12. Any questions or comments can be referred to me at
Terre's Box

Terre's Box

Good luck to everyone!! – Hugs, Ellen

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