Our Newfs

Doggie Obstacle Course


Or… how to walk thru a dark house and not trip over black dogs strategically layed out on the floor to trip you.

Anytime you walk thru our house, you are going to have to step over sleeping dogs. Our Newfs become what we like to call “rug dog things”. I took a minute today and wanted to just show you our well loved dogs again. This is our dogs as we see them most often. Bucca and Corena, litter-mates, will be celebrating their 4th birthday next week. Rebel and I will be getting back to showing in March.



Bucca, our big boy (UKC Ch Bifrost’s Bucca Dhu – age 6) came to us as our 1st Newf at age 11 weeks. Nothing phases him, he’s Mr. Laid-Back, but he loves being where we are. He will sleep soundly in my office while I’m working or in the family room while we are watching TV or gaming. If I’m doing something in the kitchen, he will lay quietly on the floor, but he rarely closes his eyes there in case there is a bite of food or a yummy treat coming his way. Sometimes when I change rooms, I think he completely asleep and I don’t try to wake him up, but within about 5 minutes he will come lumbering into whatever room I’ve moved to and settle himself nearby so he can keep an eye on me. Even if his eyes are closed.

Miss Corena

Miss Corena

Miss Corena (UKC Ch Bifrost’s Corena, Corena – age 6, littermate to Bucca) has lived with us a bit over 4 years now (she came to us about 18 months old). I’m not sure where the ‘green glowing eyes’ came from, but she always has ‘spider monkey hair’. I probably should take care of that, but she just looks so cute. She’s a sweetheart who’s a little shy and reserved.



Rebel (Ch. Bifrost’s Love at First Sight – 5) is our lovely brown girl. She’s been with us about 3 years now and she fits in perfectly. She’s a bouncy, flouncy flirt who knows that you love her and is sure that you are going to feed her ‘right now’!  Her favorite place is right up next to me, and if I’m sitting on the floor she like to lay her head on my leg.

Last, is our ‘puppy’ RuShou (Bifrost’s Olympic Gold) is a charmer.  He is the absolutely ‘happiest’ puppy we’ve ever seen and we adore him.  Now age 2, he is calming down a bit, but UPS has still not delivered his ‘brain’.  But we love him dearly.


RuShou in snow

More on this and other important Newf topics, check back soon.


In the meantime, Bucca, Corena, Rebel and RuShou would like you to see their new photo galleries…they have links to their pages above.

To tell the ‘furkids’ what you think of their photos, you can email them at – furkids

Do you have furkids of your own?  Newf or another breed?  Please, Please, Please.. write and tell me about them.  I can’t wait to hear from you.  Hugs, Ellen

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