Snowy Wonderland

In early March, 2008, Husband was working in Conway/Little Rock on a huge project and we started getting snow. It snowed and snowed and I was frozen in with the dogs for 4 days. The first day wasn’t bad, it was a lovely white winterland, more snow than I have ever seen in my life. The doggies and I were fine, they loved the snow.

However on the 2nd day we lost electricity and I spent 48 hours without power (the entire area was without power)and I got to enjoy the “pioneer” life. The roads were icey and I do NOT drive when it’s bad, so I couldn’t even go into town and get food or walk through the stores. The house pretty much stayed warm, I layered on clothing and kept the dogs close by. I stayed curled up in blankets and read (sunlight during the day, flashlights at night). I had plenty of water and drinks, as well as sandwich materials and food that could be eaten without cooking. It wasn’t great, but it was okay.

The afternoon of the 3rd day, Husband came home and since power was still out we went into town and ate dinner. It was about 3pm, but I got out of the house, so I was happy. We also stopped and got a small gasoline powered generator so that if/when the power went out again we would have some basic necessities. We’ve used it several times since then. All in all, it wasn’t bad, but I certainly was happy to have electricity and hot water again.

Stay warm and dry…Hugs…Ellen

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