Living on the Lake

We moved to Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas in May, 2006. Lake Dardanelle is near Russellville (on I-40) and just about halfway between FtSmith and LittleRock. This area is called the Arkansas River Valley.

Husband immediately started the remodel of the new house. For those of you who were with us thru the Irving remodel, you totally know what I’m talking about. It’s been about the same, only more so.

It’s coming along quite nicely and there are just a couple more things we need to finish. He’s added a greenroom (part greenhouse/part sunroom), a huge back deck and a boat dock on the lake. He’s also fenced in a large area for the dogs to get out and do their doggie things. It’s really a lovely piece of property and we are so very happy here.

Occasionally we have friends dropping by in the summer for a relaxing lake weekend. In the winter, we tend to become a bit housebound as the cold weather hits. But we’re snug, safe and very relaxed.

Pictures of the changes to the house can be found here. In the Spring, we’ll take new pics so you can see how great it looks when everything is green. They don’t call this the “Natural State” for nothing” .

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about some of the house details, so I’ll get some info on the ‘hows’ up soon.

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