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  • Posted on April 6, 2017 at 6:00 pm

About the Author

Ellen Crane, author of 10 Steps to a Happier You, and the children’s book, Bucca Comes Home (A Newfoundland’s Tale), lives in her home state, the great state of Texas, with her Husband of “a little over 5 years”, and yes, that’s a joke.  The Cranes can often be found boating on a local lake during warm weather.

Ellen Crane has always enjoyed writing for numerous projects for magazines and newsletters.  After having ideas for books in her head for years, she’s now devoting time to writing and publishing.

A lifelong gardener, she particularly enjoys growing orchids, as well as reading, crochet, dollhouse miniatures and model trains.  Sadly, the 4pack of Newfoundland dogs have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but Ellen & Husband look forward to starting a new puppy pack soon.


Keeping Up With Ellen Crane


Website/Blog:      http://www.riverswood.com

Email:                   ellen@riverswood.com


Children’s Book

Bucca Comes Home, A Newfoundland’s Tale 

Corena and the Pumpkin Pie Caper


Self Help Books

10 Steps to a Happier You!

*Ellen’s ebooks can be found on Amazon.com.

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