*Rabbits on the Run

  • Posted on June 17, 2009 at 10:37 am

I’ve told you that we live at the lake and have all manner of wildlife. This morning, in a most amazing chain of events, I saw virtually all of the local fauna during my time outside. Naturally, of course, I did NOT have my camera with me. So when I thought of it, I grabbed my phone and got a couple of shots that you will see.

Birds – Early morning, I was out watering the plants and refilling the hummingbird feeders and I got buzzed by the hummer (as usual). They seem to think I’m too slow changing out their drink bottles (I bring out a full one to replace an empty or almost empty one before it goes bad).

Then as I was watering, I saw a bird fly out of one of my miscellaneous potted tree plants (at this moment I’m not sure what kind of plant it is). As I got a bit closer, I discovered that mama bird has built a nest in the potted plant. I’m not sure if it has eggs in it or not and I didn’t get close enough to check it out or cause any problems, but I will be watching the developments. Stay tuned for the updates.

Rabbits – A few weeks ago, husband was mowing the part of the yard that we do mow (with 8 very wooded acres, we don’t mow anywhere near all of it). To the side, in a very brushy area, he saw a nest of baby bunnies. We see rabbits around here all the time so baby buns are bound to happen of course. I suppose they’ve grown up a bit now, as we’ve been seeing a lot of them in and around the property.

Baby Bun

Baby Bun

I walked out to my car this morning to run into town for a bit, crouching in the grass just in front of my car and nibbling on the greenery was this tiny baby bun. I set down a couple of bags and grabbed my phone. where oh where is the camera when you need one? I took pictures as long as the bunny would let me move closer and I got about 5′ away from it for this pic.

Rabbit on the Run

Rabbit on the Run

When I got too close, of course, it took off, ‘like a rabbit’ – lol. I got one more very blurry cameraphone pic, but at least I got something. It actually got to the edge of the trees and stopped to look back at me.

Deer – There are a LOT of deer in and around our area and we often see them running around the house. So I started to drive out and at the end of the driveway, a young deer darted out of the treeline in front of me and across the yard. I stopped and tried to get a photo, but it had gotten too far away. And again, at the treeline on the other side of the property, it stopped and looked back at me. I wish I’d gotten a picture.

Turtle – We also have a LOT of turtles (mostly box I think), around. In fact, Bucca, our big Newfie guy, has brought turtles to me out of the fenced yard before. They climb in their shell and he picks them up and bring them to me. So far I have returned all of them to the pond unharmed.

This morning, as I turned on the highway, a turtle (about 8″ long) was making his way across the highway toward a pond. The highway isn’t too heavily traveled and noone was around so I pulled over and picked up the turtle and helped him across the street. I took him in the direction he was going so that he wouldn’t have to continue to be in danger on the highway. I hope he’s okay! And I forgot to get a picture of him.

TIP – if you ever stop to help a turtle across the road, be sure YOU are safe first, don’t take any chances on getting hit. Then assist the turtle in the direction he is going, if at all possible, their sense of direction will keep them going that way. 

I guess that’s rural wildlife watch for today. Thanks for letting me share these crazy critters with you.

Have a great day… Hugs – Ellen

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  1. My newfs wold be chasing those rabbits like crazy! Do you go mushroom hunting in your woods?

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