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*Newfie Question

  • Posted on April 30, 2009 at 12:33 pm

I got this note today and thought it was valid to share with everyone. I think gardens and pets should be kept separately.  Maybe that’s just me. what do you think?


Love your blog! I have a question: I am on a rescue list for a Newf. I told them I only wanted a female because I too have a garden. I see you have a Male Newf and a Garden growing food. How do you handle the “lifting of the leg”? Were you able to train your male to only go in certain places????

I hope these questions are OK! …… R

Hi Robin.. thanks for the note. we love our boy and our 2 girl Newfs. Our boy was fixed at 2 years and he is perfectly housetrained, never – going in the house. Our girls are ‘mostly’ good, but not 100%. He does go in various areas of the yard, but the girls do that as well.

For our garden, it is inside a corner of the fenced yard the dogs use, but there is also a fence around the garden area to separate it from the area the dogs are in. It’s not only protecting the plants from the dogs waste, they also like to lay down in cool wet dirt and will walk over/thru plants without realizing it if there is not some separation. So in that respect you might have as much of a problem with a girl as you would a boy.

It’s been fun in the early spring getting the garden ready that we open the gate and let them all inside the garden to roam, smell and lie down in the cool dirt. But we definitely know that without a fence, they would and could cause all kinds of havoc in the garden area.

Questions are always a good thing, don’t worry about that. write anytime.

I hope you get the opportunity to be owned  by a Newf sometime soon. Please keep in touch and let me know how it goes.


*wordless wednesday

  • Posted on April 29, 2009 at 4:00 am






*My Greenroom Resident

  • Posted on April 28, 2009 at 5:00 am

Until this moment I had not realized that this was, in fact, the 1st Annual ‘Save the Frogs Day’! Good to know and good to be aware of. Another fun frog site is FrogBoys, I found the boys via Twitter – lol. 

So now on with the regularly scheduled blog.

Freda Frog

Freda Frog

Almost from the moment husband finished the greenroom 2 years ago, Freda has been a resident. She moved in and has stayed. I often find her on a windowsill, on this metal rod that opens/closes the venting windows or on various plants. I know there is enough water for her and I have to believe she finds enough bugs to eat because she looks perfectly healthy. 

Freda Frog

Freda Frog

She is somewhere between 3-4″ in length. and a very froggy shade of green. I probably would have named her Fred, except for the fact that sometime last summer I saw a half size version of Freda, so I’m guessing that at some point, in some froggie fashion Freda had a little one. Although I suppose a smaller one could have entered during one of the times the door was open. I haven’t seen the little one yet this year, so whether he/she is still in residence, I really can’t say.

Freda Frog

Freda Frog

Please notice the large sticky fingered tip of the toes. I just love it everytime I see Freda in the greenroom keeping watch over all the plants in her version of the rainforest. 

Have a green day.. Hugs – Ellen


  • Posted on April 27, 2009 at 9:35 am

I took time to take some pics of our hummingbird visitors yesterday. They were in full flock mode, there are at least 6 regulars at the back feeder and probably about the same at the front feeder.  Are they making the rounds of the house and ‘double dipping’?  Maybe, Maybe not.

The feeder I took pics at is in the shade and I didn’t realize until I uploaded them that the pics aren’t as colorful of our tiny friends as I would like, but here they are and I’ll do more for you another day.  Here goes…..




I hope you have a hummer of a day! Hugs – Ellen