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2014 Transatlantic Cruise – Part 2 – Flamenco

  • Posted on March 6, 2015 at 6:10 am

For the evening, the hotel concierge had suggested we have dinner and see a flamenco show.  We thought it sounded like a great idea. We had delicious Paella, met several other couples who would also be cruising the next day, although on different cruise lines. It seems a lot of ships were doing the ‘transatlantic’ thing this week. We did enjoy the flamenco as we’d never seen it in person. There were several parts to the ‘troupe’, as well as musicians. All in all a thoroughly wonderful evening in Barcelona.

Here are a few pics from the show:

2014 - Flamenco Show

2014 – Flamenco Show

2014 - Flamenco Show

2014 – Flamenco Show

2014 - Flamenco Show

2014 – Flamenco Show

2014 - Flamenco Show

2014 – Flamenco Show

2014 - Flamenco Show

2014 – Flamenco Show

Enjoy – more on the cruise soon.

Hugs, Ellen


Yard Sale/Plant Sale

  • Posted on June 5, 2014 at 7:54 pm

YARD SALE (2 families)

BIG PLANT SALEFriday/Saturday — June 6-7, 2014 — 8-2pm
Herbs – Lavender Provence, Rosemary Barbeque, Lemon Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Mint (various), Sage (Berggarten), Thyme (Lemon) $2-$3+, and more

House/Ornamental — Avocado Tree seedling, Angelwing Begonia, Pencil Cactus, Christmas Cactus, Ferns, Lotus Vine/Parrots Beak, Palm (Nepentha Bella), and more

Perennials – Wisteria, Blackberry, Triple Crown, Quince (white and pink) – $5+

1 — Lighted Plant Cart

Plastic Shelving

3″ plant pots — 5@$1

6″ plant pots — 3@$1

#1 plastic pot (gallon/tradegallon) — 2@$1

#2 plastic pot (2 gallon) – $1

10″ White Plastic Hanging Basket – $1

Seedling trays (various) — $1

Tomato Towers – $2

Decorative Glass and Housewares


Lots of other things

Other items
Location — 48 Bay Loop, Dardanelle, ½ mile on Delaware Bay just off Hwy 22 @ Logan County Line — Call 479 477-2412 if you need more directions

Happy Birthday Bucca and Corena – 9 years old!

  • Posted on February 13, 2014 at 1:17 pm

Happy birthday to our wonderful Bucca (UKC Ch Bifrost’s Bucca Dhu) and his sweetheart of a sister Corena (UKC Ch Bifrost’s Corena, Corena).

We’ve had Bucca since he was 11 weeks old and he has been such a joy to us.  He was also our first Newfoundland and is an outstanding example of the breed.

Happy birthday “Red Man”!

We got Corena at almost 2 years old because it took that long for me to beg Bill (RIP Angel Bill) and his lovely Pat (Bifrost Kennels) to let me have her because I was so in love with her.


Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!!

Bucca at 9 is beginning to slow down a bit, enjoying laying in whatever room we are in and groaning a bit as he gets up and down.  He is still such a love and totally my ‘heart dog’.  He is also the ‘grand old man’ at our house and every bit the dignified senior Newf.

Love you Bucca!

Happy 9th Birthday!

Corena, which always a lady and so ‘sweet and shy’, had one huge claim to fame, that of being the “pie stealer”.  Many of our Newfie friends and family will remember her from several years ago when she counter-surfed at Thanksgiving and eating one of husband’s favorite pies – the pumpkin!  She was immortalized in the next year’s “Newf’s Gone Bad” calendar.  She had only been with us a couple of months and you can just see Bucca’s horror at the mischief sweet Corena was getting into! Husband will never forgive me for grabbing the camera to take a pic instead of rescuing his pumpkin pie!  LOL!!

Happy birthday Corena!

The pie thief!

Both Bucca and Corena are wonderfully sweet and loving Newfs and we feel so privileged to have been able to share our home and our hearts.  We still can’t thank Pat and her Angel Bill for trusting us and mentoring us with these two gorgeous Newfies.

Happy birthday to Bucca and Corena as well as to the rest of their litter (Beren/Elvira – 2005).  Have a Newftastic day!

Love to all …..   Ellen and the furkids!




Merry Christmas 2013

  • Posted on December 25, 2013 at 4:00 am

Merry Christmas from The Crane Family – 2013

We wish you all joy and happiness in the coming year 2014, time goes by so fast now.

Early in 2013, we got a chance to see “SontheElder” in Dallas when he was on leave (after his military tour in Afghanistan ended late 2012) and we all had a wonderful time.  Husband and I also got a chance to visit with some good friends while we were in Dallas.

In the spring, we got a chance to visit with (Husband’s dad and stepmom) in LA and also some dear friends in San Diego.  Sadly, Husband’s dad passed away in September and SontheYounger joined us in October for a return trip to California to be with family and friends in remembrance and celebration of his dad.

UKC Ch. Bifrost’s Bucca Dhu – Age 8

UKC Ch. Bifrost’s Corena, Corena – Age 8

I’m still working at the college, where I finished classes and graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Bachelor’s in the summer graduation ceremony, although without Husband tutoring me through Algebra and Science who knows what might have happened.  I’m in the process of writing my 1st novel, but as you can imagine, it will take time.

SontheYounger visited in the summer and we enjoyed having him chauffeur us around town with his new driving permit while gaining experience before getting his license.  He did pass the Arkansas state boating exam and we spent a lot of time out on the lake with him learning to wakeboard.

In September, SontheElder, currently based in Colorado, was promoted to Sergeant.  We are so very proud of him.

Ch. Bifrost’s Love at First Sight – Rebel – Age 7 – Or as she is lovingly known “That Bad Girl”

Bifrost’s Olympic Gold – RuShou – Age 4

Husband and SontheYounger started building a greenhouse for my herb/plant business last summer.  Husband finished it after SontheYounger went home and now a lot of plants, seeds and cutting are flourishing there this winter.

We just had an incredible winter ice/snow storm and the dogs and I were housebound for 4 days without power, Husband missed out on the fun because he was doing his December international travel craziness.  Thank goodness the dogs helped keep me warm.

Our Newfs – Bucca (age 8), Corena (age 8), Rebel (age 7) and RuShou (age 4) are all well and wonderful.

Our love to you and yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Crane Family – Dardanelle, AR –